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When It Is Okay To Lie

Many of us give a false statement on some occasions. It is a white lie which will not harm anyone. For instance, though you do not like the outfit of your friend you may tell that it is fabulous to make your friend happy.

okay to lie

Lies at some point which is acceptable

The situations when is lying acceptable are,

You can give a false statement in order to cancel or drop a plan. If you need some time to be alone then say that you have work or you don’t feel well.

When anyone asks about your personal information some lie can be said as if any stranger asks about your mobile number you can blindly say that you do not have a mobile phone in order to save yourself.

A common lie is when you are late to the office and if your boss is strict then there is a need for a white lie to save your job.

While complementing the appearance of your friend though it is not good enough there is a statement of positivity is need.

When anyone asks about your goodness, when is lying okay to say that you are good.

Harmless lie to make someone happy

It is acceptable in the case of children. It protects a child’s innocence or creative imagination. To hide the issue that happened in the family some drama is made in front of the babies so that it will not affect them.

When a person whoever might be either your friend or siblings is gone under sick every week, is to be said that nothing went wrong you look better even if your friend is not good. It lifts the spirit of your friend who is in need of support and can overcome the illness.

If your partner makes you dinner and if it comes out well its quite interesting to say good and move on. But in case of if it does not come out well, times when it might be better to lie as the food made was awesome.

In case of a fight that is in progress for a week between a couple, then any one of them has to come out with an apology and to make a point that they are right. To finish up the fight and for the sake of your sanity, there is a need for this kind of statement.

So there is nothing wrong in making a false statement. It is made harmlessly and in sparing people’s feelings. White lies are not acceptable in harmful cases.