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How to deal with manipulative step daughter

The biological bond enables the parents to love, care and forgives their kids in all situations. Mostly stepparents are not able to deal with manipulative stepdaughter and so they think that they do not like their step kids. You cannot love or even like a child not just because of you love any one of his or her parents.

Reasons for unlike your stepchild

manipulative step daughterThere are many reasons that you do not as your step kid includes,

  • The step kids disrespect you all the times.
  • They will remind you of that you in their present age and you were a nightmare.
  • They will suck your energy in all aspects because of their strong will power.
  • They will not take responsibilities for them and will increase your workload.
  • Either the father or mother made your life miserable and kid also do the same which resembles them.
  • At some point, they may land you in prison with false claims.
  • They can control and consume your partner’s energy extremely
  • The misbehavior leads extremely in stealing, addicted to drugs, running away from home, etc.

Positive interaction with your stepchild

In most of the cases, the stepchild is disliked by the parent because of their character and the past partner. When you dislike your stepchild, you experience to avoid her, his presence and also the impact of his/her in your life.

Once you learn to handle manipulative stepdaughter, forget the past, you accept her presence, you may really like her and you will be kind, soft and gentle. Still, if you did not like your stepchild, the interactions between you both will make a better and faster fact to like her sooner.

handle manipulative stepdaughter

Improve experience to get closer with your stepchild

In order to deal with a stepchild who doesn’t like you, first create a vision for your life that includes your stepchild. Envision or imagine that it will affect the areas like vacations, holidays and your daily routine. Not to think of character and behavior that you dislike is to address the child’s behavior with your partner.

Do not have any regrets like the way you interact with her was rude and no happy moments in her absence. Spend more time with her in order to have positive interactions. Do not stick into your past life which creates distance with your stepdaughter. To avoid the misbehavior you have to spend time with your stepdaughter as much as possible.

Usually, everyone thinks and see only in their own point of view like experience, hurts, own judgments and opinions. This is to be avoided in case of stepchild to like and handle them with care.