Apologize for which you did nothing wrong

Mostly apology is asked for the mistakes you were done. The main scenario of apology starts with schools and colleges. A letter is written with the content of acknowledgment and asked to apologize. The person will not ask to apologize for something you didn’t do.

Need for apology

When you were done with any mistakes, there is in need of apology to compromise the opponent. When you feel that you are right, you are not supposed to ask for an apology. But, there are situations to consider that apologizing when you did nothing wrong.


Goodness in apology

This is a good mannerism to ask for an apology in all cases of mistakes though it is a known or unknown one. In that case, a simple apology creates a solution for the fault. When you are facing a problem you might be in fear and it leads to admitting weakness. But on to contrary, apologizing is the sign of strength.

Reason for an apology even when you are right

There are some cases to ask for an apology even though you are right and there is a need for apologizing even when you are not wrong. They include choosing relationship over being right, loss in the battle to win the bigger war and to take one for the team which is not your personal fault.

When there is a need in a relationship and if the problem arises in it, then instead of being right and in order to safeguard your relationship go with the apology. This will create a higher value on the other person. It may be painful to ask for an apology for which you did nothing wrong but then it is necessary to keep the relationship safe.

need of apology

This mostly happens at home and works as well; there are many reasons to prove that we are right. But, in some cases, it’s better to lose the battle of the smaller case and apologize even when you are right, which is mainly to win the bigger war of peace.

It is the quality of the best leader to ask for an apology on behalf of the entire team. Though it is not the personal fault, the leader takes the responsibility to apology for the mistakes made by the team members.

Thus hereby conclude that asking for an apology when a person is right does not mean the weakness of a person. It shows them in a higher value of strength to the opponent.